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Welcome to Nifty Utilities
Small utilities written in VB.NET, Java (for Android), or PHP (for the web)

  • NOTICE: On November 17th 2014, my Android Developler account was terminated.
  • Update Nov 25th 2014: Figured out that I've been a bit naive with my Soundboards and their contents (even though most clips were less than 3 seconds long). I am not the owner of those audio files, so I 'Infringed'. Appeal submitted to Google. Waiting for a response. If I ever do get my account reinstated, there will be no more soundboards.
  • Update Jan  31 2015: No response from Google Support
  • Update Feb  22 2015: Appeal submitted again
  • Update Jun 21 2015: No response from Google Support [7 Months and absolutely nothing!]

  • Update Jun 21 2015: Appeal submitted again
  • Update Jul  24 2015: No response from Google Support
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